Volta PowerGen changes the game with advances in tried-and-true motor & generator technologies.

Volta PowerGen’s solutions are scalable in 100kW increments, are less than half the cost to install and maintain per MW/hr than 20th century solutions, and can operate on a much lower concentration of methane thanks in part to their higher efficiency. Volta PowerGen enables small communities to add biogas to their renewable energy portfolio without relying on outside subsidies, while reducing their carbon footprint and creating more jobs in this growing sector. Our small solutions make a big impact. While our genset is multi-fuel and able to run off of plain old natural gas, it can also make use of Methane (CH4) so it doesn’t have to be released into the atmosphere.  This allows The Evergreen Genset to generate renewable energy 24/7 and eliminate a dangerous greenhouse gas – CH4 is the most potent global warming gas in existence.


Minimum Methane Content



Experienced engineers know how Occam’s Razor applies to complex problems, and our customers & partners in the field constantly remind us that the simpler solution is usually better. We started with the basic rotary engine design due to its low parts count, ease of maintenance and low cost to manufacture. By applying modern electronic ignition systems to improve gaseous fuel combustion, and modern ceramics & coatings to surface finishing and seals, we’ve created a durable multifuel motor that transforms the humble rotary engine into a global game-changer. Simplicity allows for modularity, and Volta PowerGen delivers small, scalable systems that fit the majority of biogas producers’ needs and budgets.


Our generator is equally revolutionary due to simplicity. Like our engine, the generator is robust, scalable and inexpensive to manufacture. Copper-wound iron core generators that require complex manufacturing processes and generate excessive heat are a thing of the past. With power electronics modules built-in to ensure optimal torque and harmonized energy to the grid, an industrial load or a battery bank in real time, all the time.




Agricultural Biogas, Landfill Biogas, Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas, Refuse-Derived Fuels, Propane, Natural Gas, Avgas (100 LL)

110-480 VAC, single-phase or 3-phase, 50-60 Hz

Meets CARB & EU 2020 standards


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